Golf Shoes Closeouts 2014

If you are searching for your first pair of golf shoes, then you may already realise that it is not as easy as selecting a pair of trainers. Selecting the right golf shoe is not as simple as picking ones that have spikes or fit all right. While this might have been the case in the past, nowadays there are so many advancements to golf shoes that it would be silly to purchase improper golf shoes.

Golf shoes are now vastly improved in comparison to their predecessors. There is also a lot of competition amongst golf shoe manufacturers, which means that cutting-edge and modern advancements are being made all the time. The rise of golf shoes is directly correlated to the rise of enthusiasm for the sport. It seems like everywhere you go, more people are starting to take up the sport.

Essential Golfing Equipment For New Golfers

You can’t expect to play golf if you don’t have the necessary equipment. While this can sound overwhelming, it is actually quite simple. You’re probably thinking that it sounds quite expensive as well, but that is not always the case. Of course, you can splurge and get the best and most expensive equipment, but there is no need to (especially if you are only a beginner).

We recommend that the one item you should consider splurging on is golf shoes. The rest are necessities, but they do not have to be the best of the best. Some items that you will need to get started include:

  • Complete set of clubs
  • Golf bag
  • Golf balls

An easy way to save money on a set of clubs is to purchase second-hand ones. You can always trade them in for a new set when you have decided to invest in the sport. We do not suggest that you buy second-hand golf shoes. We also advise you to stay away from wearing shoes that are not suitable for golf.

There are several reasons why you need to invest in good golf shoes. First of all, you will not realise the full potential and enjoyment of the game if you do not wear the right shoes. Golf pros all say that the right shoes give you the right swing. They allow your feet to breathe and provide traction. Comfort and security can definitely help improve your performance.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to invest in golf shoes, the fact that many golf courses won’t permit other types of shoes just might. Also, unlike a used set of golf clubs, second-hand golf shoes will not fit you properly. This could result in poor performance and even injuries, such as sprains or strains. Don’t forget that the majority of golf is actually walking!

What Makes A Good Shoe?

Golf shoes aren’t just a fancy name to call shoes that match golfing attire. They actually serve a purpose and are vital for good performance. Golf shoes are made with spikey soles that are either plastic or metal. Metal used to be the only material for the spikes since they provided the best traction.

However, modern plastic ones offer great traction and are easy to replace. This means that you can invest in an expensive pair of golf shoes and simply replace the spikes when traction is lacking, instead of the entire shoe. Metal spikes are also replaceable, but they are much more difficult and expensive to replace.

The main reason behind the switch from metal to plastic is that golf course owners grew tired of fixing their greens. Many golf courses do not allow metal spikes anymore since they are so damaging.

Aside from the spikes, there are other characteristics to look for in golf shoes, such as:

  • Design – There are so many designs out there that you can easily pick what you like. Or what matches your outfit.
  • Size – Unlike trainers, golf shoes have to fit perfectly to experience the benefits of traction. If you purchase through golf shoes closeouts online, just make sure to order your exact size.
  • Flexibility – In order to be durable, they must be flexible. After all, you’ll be swinging and walking in them all the time.
  • Comfort – Cushion support can help keep golf shoes comfortable, regardless of how long you wear them for.
  • Water resistance – Golf isn’t always played on a sunny day and even if it is sunny, the grass could be wet. It is common for golf shoes to be waterproof, but you should check just in case.
  • Breathability – Your feet will not be comfortable if they cannot breathe.
  • Price – This is an important factor when selecting golf shoes. A pair of new golf shoes can cost around $75 and better ones cost significantly more. Keep an eye out for golf shoes closeouts to save money.
  • Brands – You will want to select a brand that is well-known, just to safe. These include FootJoy, Nike, Adidas, Callaway, Puma and Ecco.

Now that you know what to look for, you can go ahead and get your first pair of game changing golf shoes.

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